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This Holiday Season Spread Cheer, Not COVID-19

Spread Cheer, Not COVID-19
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The holidays are usually a time to celebrate with family and friends. With COVID-19 in our communities, you may be wondering how we can celebrate safely. See below for some things to consider during the holidays. Find more considerations for upcoming holidays on CDC’s Holiday Celebrations page .

If you think you may have COVID-19, the most important thing to do is to isolate yourself. This means staying away from others and not traveling. Most people will have mild illness (or even no illness) and can recover at home without medical care. Find out where you can get tested for COVID-19 at

Lower Risk Activities
These lower risk activities are safer for your celebrations.

  • Eating your holiday meal with only people who live in your household.
  • Having a virtual holiday celebration with friends and family.
  • Shopping online instead of in person.
  • Watching sports events, parades and movies from home.


Moderate Risk Activities
These activities can put you at some risk for COVID-19.

  • Having a small outdoor celebration with family and friends. Remember, the smaller the number of people, the safer.
  • Visiting holiday attractions where people can wash hands or use hand sanitizer often, wear masks and can stay 6 feet apart.

Tips for keeping gatherings safer:
  • If your gathering is indoors, try to stay at least 6 feet away from people who do not live with you.
  • It’s always safer to keep your face covering on. You can remove your face covering briefly when eating or drinking.


Higher Risk Activities
These activities can put you at high risk for COVID-19. You should avoid these activities to keep you and your family safe:

  • Shopping in crowded stores and on popular shopping days like Black Friday.
  • Watching or participating in a crowded race, parade or celebration.
  • Attending large indoor gatherings with people from outside of your household.


Safer Holiday Travel
If you must travel, go to the CDC’s "Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic" to find ways to travel more safely


Holiday Season is Flu Season
Don’t worry about the flu too! The holiday season is also flu season. Make sure you are also protecting yourself and your family from the flu. Find out where you can get your flu vaccine at .

Safe Food Handling
Remember to practice safe food handling when preparing your holiday meal. Watch the video below for some tips. Go to for more information. .

Food Safety Tips

Video is also available in Spanish

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