Guidance: Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs) and Residential Care Facilities for Elderly (RCFEs)

CA Safe Reopening

Guidance on prevention and management of COVID in LTCFs and RCFEs is changing rapidly, so check this webpage for the latest updates and for local guidance.

Long Term Care Facilities

OCHCA Guidance/Resources:

  • Guidance on COVID in SNFs 8-5-21 | PDF
  • OCHCA Guidance on Visitation and Activities in SNFs 7-7-21 | PDF
  • Criteria for Closure and Reopening to Admissions in Facilities with COVID 8-5-21 | PDF
  • COVID Testing Resources for Staff or Exposed Visitors:

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Guidance:


  • 07-29-21: "C. Auris and COVID Updates" | PDF | Video
  • 06-12-21: “Getting Back to Normal” | PDF | Video
  • 03-18-21: "Considerations for the Red Tier" | PDF | Video
  • 01-22-21: "COVID-19 Treatment - First Do No Harm" PDF, "COVID-19 Vaccine Update" PDF, Video (of both presentations)
  • 11-18-20: Keeping COVID Away for the Holidays | PDF | Video
  • 09-03-20: Webinar “COVID Update for LTCFs” Presentation Slides & Video | PDF | Video
  • 07-30-20: Webinar “COVID Update for LTCFs” Presentation Slides & Recording | PDF | Video
  • 06-11-20: CAHF meeting “COVID-19 in SNFs” Presentation Slides | PDF
  • 06-04-20: Webinar “COVID-19 in SNFs” Presentation Slides | PDF

Residential Care Facilities for Elderly

OCHCA Guidance/Resources:

California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Guidance

Link to CDSS Provider Information Notices (PIN):

CDC Guidance for Vaccine Prep:


  • 06-17-20: Webinar: “COVID-19 in MCUs” Presentation Slides  | PDF
  • 07-15-20: Webinar: “COVID in RCFEs Overview” Presentation Slides  | PDF
  • 10-29-20: Webinar: “COVID-19 Update for RCFEs” Presentation Slides | PDF | Video

Key CDC Guidance Documents: