Orange County COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce

Doctor giving patient a shot

The plan for distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine is a phased one, in which high-risk/high-priority groups receive the first, limited amounts of vaccine, and as more become available, more groups are included until there is enough vaccine to serve the entire population. Many of the policies and procedures for vaccine distribution will be developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), but counties have the responsibility of determining their unique needs in terms of identifying priority groups and vaccine providers as well as encouraging acceptance of the vaccine among local residents.

OC Health Care Agency (HCA) vaccine planning involves using input from our staff, from medical experts and from the community, to assist us in developing procedures that meet all CDC and state regulations, while addressing the unique needs of the Orange County (OC) community.

Central to our planning is a Vaccine Taskforce, comprised of members of at-risk groups, such as health care workers, essential workers, ethnic communities and older adults, and organizations such as hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, and business, as well as experts in ethics, faith-based issues, veterans’ issues and various medical specialties. This group will address prioritization of vaccine recipients and how to address concerns about the vaccine among different demographic and workforce groups and make recommendations to the HCA planning staff and the HCA Director. The Taskforce was selected using input from a Taskforce Planning Committee comprised of representatives from the medical, ethnic, and educational, faith-based, older adult, and veterans’ communities as well as HCA personnel who developed the framework and goals of the Taskforce.

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How to share your thoughts, ideas or concerns with HCA or the COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce

OC residents may email the Taskforce directly with questions and comments, which will be forwarded to the Taskforce. Emails will not generate individual replies.