Reporting COVID-19 Cases and Outbreaks for Schools, Child Care and Businesses

Who do I report COVID-19 cases to in Orange County?

All Orange County Schools, Childcare sites, and Worksites report COVID-19 cases to the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), the Local Health Jurisdiction (LHJ).  

The School/Shared Portal for Outbreak Tracking (SPOT) is the electronic reporting system used for reporting COVID-19 cases and contacts.  SPOT is a portion of the California’s Public Health case investigation and contact tracing data management system (CalCONNECT).  SPOT is one of several tools that assist Schools and Worksites in complying with state and local reporting requirements.

How do I report COVID-19 cases to OCHCA?

For a complete resource to reporting COVID-19 cases and contacts in Orange County For Schools/Childcare sites, see the revised Investigation and Contact Tracing Processes and Guidance for OC Schools (May 2021) and For Worksites see COVID-19 Outbreak Reporting Process for OC Businesses (May 2021)

Reporting cases and contacts is a process. The report is not considered complete until the Intake Form and case(s) with close contacts(s) are completed. There are now 2 options when reporting through SPOT.

1) Complete the Intake Form and provide case information in one step (close contact information can be provided after receiving log in information and report in a second step) or

2) Compete and submit the Intake Form and then log into to the SPOT portal to complete the reporting of case(s) and close contact(s). The second step in the process is to report close contacts either by using a bulk upload template or entering individual contacts into the SPOT portal contact record section.

To complete the Intake Form (School/Shared Portal for Outbreak Tracking-SPOT) online at

Receive confirmation emails and review instructions provided.

  1. Receive a response from (Schools and childcare sites) or (Workplaces/Businesses) with an Exposure Event number and instructions for adding close contacts


  2. Receive a response from with log in credentials and further instructions.

NOTE: If you are additional cases to an existing Exposure Event, log on to the secure SPOT portal Using the appropriate Exposure Event number add cases and/or additonal contacts.

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Training videos for SPOT reporting available on the portal. General UTube video links for SPOT Portal reporting may be found:


Or by clicking on the SPOT Help and Training Material

SPOT School Training and Workplace

And choosing School or Workplace Materials above