Request to be a Testing Site

There are many COVID-19 testing options available to meet the needs for COVID-19 testing throughout Orange County. However, there may be a need to bring testing to a particular ZIP Code or location based on positivity, an outbreak, or to serve populations that may have limited access to current testing sites.

Before requesting to host a testing site, go to COVID-19 Testing Locations Map to find free testing options already available. If you find that there is still a need and your agency is interested in requesting a testing event to meet a specific need in your community that is not met by available resources, please complete this request form.

You must submit your request at least two (2) weeks before your proposed event date. Completion of the request form does not guarantee a testing event. A staff member from the OC Health Care Agency will respond to your inquiry within two (2) business days of receipt of the request to talk about your interest and how best to meet the testing need.