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Orange County, CA COVID-19 Case Count

To become familiar with reporting data, please review the Glossary of Dashboard Terms and Data FAQs.

COVID-19 Data Frequently Asked Questions are available here

Glossary of Dashboard Terms are available here


Posted Date: 8/3/2020

The new ArcGIS data platform (see Desktop, Mobile & Map Buttons below) improves the COVID-19 reporting process and minimizes any discrepancy between State and Orange County information by reporting same day information. The 6 a.m. State data are downloaded from CalREDIE each morning, checked to remove duplicates and/or out-of-county residents and then reported to our website by 5 p.m.

NOTES: On Saturday, July 25, the CalREDIE Electronic Laboratory Reporting system was unavailable for laboratories to upload test results.  This created a back log, which is now being resolved by CalREDIE and is resulting in a greater increase in Tests Reported Today and Cumulative Tests to Date.


Cumulative Cases to Date
(includes deaths)


1,675 SNF residents, 476 OC jail inmates, and 137 Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Daily COVID Positive Cases Received



Cumulative Deaths to Date


Includes 267 SNF residents, 28 ALF residents, 0 OC jail inmates, and 1 Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Deaths Reported Today


0 skilled nursing facility residents,
0 assisted living facility residents,
0 residents (not living in a facility)


Cumulative Tests To Date



Tests Reported Today



Cases Currently Hospitalized


*Includes ICU cases

Cases Currently in ICU


ICU - Intensive Care Units


Cumulative Recovered to Date


Numbers fluctuate day-by-day due to changes in patient condition(s). Data are gathered daily at one point in time.

Additional data on Orange COVID-19 cases are available on the dashboard links below including: demographics of cases and deaths by city and zip code, and CDPH monitoring.


For best viewing of data, use Desktop to Mobile version to view charts and use Data Maps link to view data in map format.

Key data displayed on HCA’s COVID-19 data dashboard are available to download using the County of Orange Open Data Portal under the “Health” icon at:


State of California – Business Reopening Guidance


The OC Health Care Agency strongly recommends that business owners and operators review the guidance that is relevant to your workplace, prepare a plan based on the State guidance for your industry, and put it into action. You can review the industry-specific guidance at:

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