OC Health Care Agency COVID - Action Summary

County Action Summary July 20- July 26

Skilled Nursing/Assisted Living/Residential Care Facility Status

  • The definition of an ‘outbreak’ is two (2) or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 in facility residents within 14 days.
  • Currently there are 84 facilities that meet or have met this definition as of July 26: Skilled Nursing Facility (45) Advanced Rehab Center of Tustin, Alamitos West Health & Rehab, Alta Gardens Care Center, Anaheim Crest, Anaheim Healthcare Center, Anaheim Terrace, Buena Vista Care Center, Chapman Care Center, Country Villa Plaza, Coventry Court, Crystal Cove Care Center, Flagship Healthcare Center, French Park Care Center, Garden Grove Convalescent Hospital, Garden Park Care Center, Gordon Lane Care Center, Harbor Villa Care Center, Healthcare Center of Orange County, Huntington Valley Healthcare Center, Kindred Brea SAU, La Palma Nursing Center, Laguna Hills Health & Rehab, Lake Forest Nursing Center, Leisure Court Nursing Center, MainPlace Post Acute, Manor Care FV, New Orange Hills, Orange Healthcare & Wellness, Orangegrove Rehab Hospital, Pacific Haven Healthcare Center, Palm Terrace, Park Anaheim Healthcare Center, Park Regency Care Center, Rowntree Gardens, Sea Cliff Healthcare Center, Seal Beach Health & Rehab, South Coast Post Acute, St. Edna Subacute & Rehab, Terrace View Care Center, The Hills Post Acute, The Pavilion at Sunny Hills, Victoria Healthcare, Walnut Village, West Anaheim Extended Care, Windsor Gardens Center of Anaheim, Windsor Gardens Fullerton.

    Elderly Assisted Living Facility (39)
    Acacia Villa, ActivCare Yorba Linda, Anaheim Crown Plaza, Ardent Care Assisted Living, Atria Del Sol, Brookdale Anaheim, Brookdale Nohl Ranch, Brookdale San Juan Capistrano, Cambridge House, Carmel Village, Crown Cove, Emerald Court, Golden Leisure Home, Heathers McKinley, Heathers Wintergreen, Heritage Point, Huntington Terrace, Kaego's Richman Gardens, Kamstra Care Home, Karlton Residential, Oakmont-Capriana, Pacific Shore Laguna Hills, Pacific Shores Mission Viejo, Pacifica Royale, Park Plaza, Park Regency Assisted Living, Rowntree Gardens, Seacliff Assisted Living, Silverado Newport Mesa, Silverado Tustin Hacienda, St Francis Home, Sunflower Garden, Sunrise Villa Bradford, Sunrise Yorba Linda, The Groves of Tustin, The Regency, Valley View, Vivante on the Coast, Whitten Heights.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Distributed Resources to the Community Quantity*
N95 masks 2,647,855
Surgical masks 1,277,395
Gowns 1,038,231
PPE - suit 17,238
Gloves 1,364,050
Eye Protection 163,855
Hand Sanitizer 210,832
Other Items 403,895
Total 7,123,381

*Approximates 2/18/2020-7/24/2020


Outstanding Resource Requests from the State Quantity
N95 Masks 4,205,570
Face Shields 253,600
Gloves 675,000
Gowns 715,226
Eye Protection/goggles 260,500
Hand Sanitizer 7,880

As of 7/27/20 the County has received 58% of requested State Resources


Donations To-Date

Donated Items Quantity
N95 masks 1,477,785
Surgical masks 66,893
Gloves 190,550
Face Shields 1,119
Goggles 191
Gowns 66,538
Suits 3,184
Shoe Covers 60
Hand Sanitizers 1,049
Disinfectant 12
KN95 or similar 6,963
ISO Gowns 250
Others 22,384



Hospital Support, Communication, Readiness, and Response

Bed Preparedness for Surge

a. Table 1 includes the current bed capacity in the hospital system. As of 7/21/20, OC hospitals are at 62% occupancy. ICU bed availability is at 39% and ventilator availability is at 63%. The system has sufficient surge capacity with over 1,400 beds available. Health & Human Services significantly changed reporting requirements for hospitals effective 7/22/20 and are still in the process of updating the Snowflake Server.

Table 1

Current Bed Capacity*
Total # of Hospital Beds1, 2 6,036
Ventilators 1,094
Existing Surge Tents +200 6,236
Standby Surge Tents +200 6,436
FAIRVIEW +100 6,536
Total Bed Capacity
(In Use & Standby)

Alternate Care Site Overview

Fairview (COVID-19 +)
Patient Census (as of 7/27/2020 07:30) CURRENT TOTAL
Orange County 13 62
LA County 4 19
Ventura County 0 1
Total patients CENSUS / TOTAL ACCEPTED 17 82
Patients Discharged TOTAL

1The total number of inpatient beds in the facility, including all surge beds, labor and delivery unit beds, and inpatient post-surgical beds. This includes the total number of beds for which the hospital could provide staff and equipment and is not necessarily reflective of the beds that happen to be staffed at the time the facility reports.

2Includes Surge Beds (~1,491)


Homeless Response

The data below is reflective of the County’s COVID-19 Homelessness Response System which is being managed by Illumination Foundation, the contracted provider, and encompasses the following three components:

  1. Temporary Isolation Shelter for individuals who are sick or symptomatic for COVID-19
  2. Temporary Shelter for Vulnerable Populations, including asymptomatic individuals who are medically vulnerable and /or 65 years and older
  3. Temporary Emergency Shelter System for individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness and asymptomatic. Illumination Foundation provides daily meals and snacks, medical oversight, on-site security, transportation in and out of all sites, linkage to support services, and coordinates with Health Care Agency for behavioral health services.
Access Referral Line 7/20 to 7/26 Total to Date
Incoming Calls to Access Referral Line 363 5,024
Calls that Resulted in Referrals 141 2,351

The chart below provides a breakdown of the occupancy by program component and by site.

  Current Occupany
(as of 7/26)
Availability Total Capacity
Temporary Isolation Shelters 48 89 137
Orange Hotel 44 83 127
Laguna Hills Motel 4 6 10
Temporary Shelter for Vulnerable Population 557 29 529
Anaheim Hotel 277 (includes 25 partners) 12 264
Stanton Motel 77 (includes 11 partners) 6 72
Huntington Beach Motel 139 (includes 17 partners) 5 127
Laguna Hills Hotel 64 (includes 4 partners) 6 66
Temporary Emergency Shelter 35 65 100
Joplin 35 65 100


Public Safety Net

Call Volumes

Hotline/Phone Number Call Volume
2-1-1 1,929
Adult Protective Services 356
CalFresh* 5,156
CalWORKs* 4,041
Child Abuse Registry 694
Community Counseling Support Services (HCA) 66
Economic Business and Recovery Call Center (OCCR) 353
General Relief* 843
Health Referral Line (HCA) 1,282
Medi-Cal (SSA)* 6,349
NAMI WarmLine (HCA) 1,678
OCLinks (HCA) 222
Office on Aging Call Line (OCCR) 654
Orange County Public Information Line (EOC)** N/A

**EOC Hotline was discontinued on 4/17


In-Home Supportive Services

Round 7 of IHSS outreach calls were completed last week with a total of 2,939 calls made. Round 8 of our outreach starts today with 2,597 calls to be made. Calls are targeted to recipients who are severely impaired and living alone, are 85 years and older and have 200 or more authorize hours with an IHSS provider. Additionally, the SSA IHSS hotline received 71 calls reflecting requests for immediate needs and resources during the week of 7/20/20-7/24/20.

Public Assistance Applications

Total Applications Received (7/20/20-7/25/20)
Medi-Cal 1,415
CalFresh 2,482
CalWORKs 271
General Relief 337
Total 4,505


Emergent Need Benefits

Emergent Services (7/20/20-7/25/20)
Expedited Services 15
EBT New Card Issuance (Includes CalFresh, CalWORKs, General Relief, Foster Care) 76
EBT Replacement Cards (CalFresh, CalWORKs, General Relief) 219
Total 310



Vulnerable Population Response

Home Delivered Meals

Measure Total
Meals Distributed 23,237
Individuals Served 7,038

Congregate Site Meals*

Measure Total
Meals Distributed 29,701
Individuals Served 6,896

*Meals provided in a drive thru setting at senior centers.

Great Plates Delivered Meals Program

Measure Total
Meals Distributed 53,590
Individuals Served 3,122

Jails Update

Measure Number of Individuals
Positive Cases* 439 (30 current)
Pending Cases* 127
Quarantined (No symptoms)* 704 (includes 576 new bookings)
Medically Isolated (symptomatic)* 22

*As of July 27, 2020