COVID-19 Case Counts and Testing Figures

Orange County, CA COVID-19 Case Count

Posted Date: 1/21/2022

Cumulative Cases to Date
(includes deaths)


5,450 SNF residents, 2,997 OC jail inmates, and 1,428 Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Daily COVID Positive Cases Received



Cumulative Deaths to Date


Includes 1,225 SNF residents, 648 ALF residents, 2 OC jail inmates, and 19 Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Deaths Reported Today


0 skilled nursing facility residents,
0 skilled nursing facility staff,
1 assisted living facility residents,
0 OC Jail inmates,
0 Persons Experiencing Homelessness,
6 residents (not living in a facility)


Cumulative Tests To Date


Updated Thursdays

Tests Reported This Week


Updated Thursdays

Cases Currently Hospitalized


*Includes ICU cases

Cases Currently in ICU


ICU - Intensive Care Units


Cumulative Recovered to Date


Numbers fluctuate day-by-day due to changes in patient condition(s). Data are gathered daily at one point in time.

ZIP Code Testing Positivity with School Boundaries

Additional data on Orange COVID-19 cases are available on the dashboard links below including: demographics of cases and deaths by city and zip code, and CDPH monitoring.


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COVID-19 Cases in Schools

Information updates will be posted weekly on Thursdays*

*The posted data represents data reported to the Health Care Agency at the time of posting.  Delays in reporting and data collection may lead to incomplete data which will be updated in subsequent postings.

Table 1-Schools: All COVID-19 Cases by Students, Teachers, and Other Staff
Week Student Teacher Other Staff Grand Total
Grand Total 7495 1453 1251 10199
2022-01-16 to 2022-01-22 0 0 0 0
2022-01-09 to 2022-01-15 34 2 4 40
2022-01-02 to 2022-01-08 844 81 60 985
2021-12-26 to 2022-01-01 172 13 19 204
2021-12-19 to 2021-12-25 24 8 1 33
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Table 2-Schools: All COVID-19 Cases by School Type    
Week Elementary/ Middle High School Combined (K-12) College/ University/ Vocational Grand Total
Grand Total 5701 2835 311 1352 10199
2022-01-16 to 2022-01-22 0 0 0 0 0
2022-01-09 to 2022-01-15 38 2 0 0 40
2022-01-02 to 2022-01-08 681 185 100 19 985
2021-12-26 to 2022-01-01 91 64 2 47 204
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Source: CalCONNECT; Data beginning from 8/19/2020
Note: Case counts are cumulative. Data is preliminary and subject to change. Case count includes confirmed cases of Orange County residents.

COVID-19 Cases by City

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