Prepare for Day of Vaccine

Prepare for the Day of Your Vaccine

  • Make sure you are hydrated and have something to eat at least 2 hours prior to vaccination.
  • Wear clothing that allow for easy access to receive the vaccine on the upper portion of your arm (deltoid). 
  • If you tend to feel nervous or have any history of fainting with blood draws/vaccines or medical procedures, please ask to receive your vaccine laying down.
  • Bring official documents for getting vaccination to prove your identification and that you're the appropriate age for the vaccine being offered.

When getting vaccinated, identification will be asked to prove.

  • Identification – Picture ID/Name that matches appointment
  • Age - Date of birth

Required documents at time of appointment:

  • Photo ID
    1. Government ID/passport (from America or foreign country)
    2. School ID
  • Official form verifying DOB
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Immigration paperwork
    3. Medical visit summary with Name and DOB
    4. Medical Insurance Card with Name and DOB
    5. Prescription with Name and DOB

The appointment will not be honored without required documents to prove Identification/DOB.