Prepare for Day of Vaccine

The OC Health Care Agency is scheduling vaccines through the platform (and apps). Residents can also check with medical providers and local pharmacies for availability of vaccines or visit

Individuals with medical or developmental conditions who are unable to leave their home to obtain vaccination in a community setting or clinic can request at-home vaccination by calling the OC COVID-19 Hotline at (714) 834-2000.

Prepare for the Day of Your Vaccine

  • Plan to show up at the time of your appointment or 15 minutes prior to appointment at the earliest.  Anyone with active COVID, or exposure to COVID who are still in the isolation or quarantine period should remain home and reschedule for vaccination when isolation/quarantine is finished.
  • Make sure you are hydrated and have something to eat at least 2 hours prior to vaccination.
  • Wear clothing that allow for easy access to receive the vaccine on the upper portion of your arm (deltoid). Accommodations can also be made at the site for privacy for those who need it.
  • If you tend to feel nervous or have any history of fainting with blood draws/vaccines or medical procedures, please ask to receive your vaccine laying down.
  • Bring official documents for getting vaccination to prove your identification and that you're the appropriate age for the vaccine being offered.
  • Pfizer is authorized for those people age 5 and over at time of vaccination
  • Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are authorized for people age 18 and older at time of vaccination

When getting vaccinated, identification will be asked to prove.

  • Identification – Picture ID/Name that matches appointment
  • Age - Date of birth

Documentation for Minors for Vaccine

Anyone wishing  to receive COVID vaccine must meet the minimum age requirement and show proof of age at the time of appointment.

  • Pfizer - 6 months and older
  • Moderna - 6 months and older
  • Johnson & Johnson - 18 and older

Minors (ages 6 months to 17) must be accompanied by their Parent/Legal Guardian, provide picture ID and proof of age. See FAQs about COVID-19 vaccines for tweens and teens from the American Academy of Pediatrics and CHOC Children’s Hospital ENGLISH and SPANISH.

Required documents at time of appointment:

  • Photo ID
    1. Government ID/passport (from America or foreign country)
    2. School ID
  • Official form verifying DOB
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Immigration paperwork
    3. Medical visit summary with Name and DOB
    4. Medical Insurance Card with Name and DOB
    5. Prescription with Name and DOB

The appointment will not be honored without required documents to prove Identification/DOB.