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Vaccine development and testing are proceeding rapidly in the U.S. and are beginning to receive vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use and for distribution throughout the population, first in limited amounts to carefully selected high risk groups and later to more and more people until everyone has access to the vaccine in what is called a "phased approach" to vaccine distribution.

Volunteers are needed to support County Vaccine locations, see details HERE. Please register at

A COVID-19 vaccine is a very important tool to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for information on the State’s plan for distribution in California.

How to Get Vaccinated:

Individuals who live or work in Orange County, CA can register online through to view available appointments and to keep informed with upcoming availability. The success of the County’s implementation of the phased, tiered vaccination plan depends on everyone being patient and allowing priority groups to be vaccinated first. Currently, appointments will be provided only to the following prioritized groups:

  • Phase 1A populations (all tiers)
  • Law enforcement working in high-risk settings
  • Adults age 65 or older

Othena is a vaccine scheduling system created by CuraPatient, in conjunction with leading health care experts and public health agencies.



Volunteers are needed to support County Vaccine locations, see details HERE. Please register at

A COVID-19 vaccine is a very important tool to help end the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for information on the State’s plan for distribution in California.

Here is what we know so far:

  • Kaiser Health News, 1/15/21, J&J Forecasts March Approval For Its Single-Dose Vaccine. While J&J expects to release trial results in the next two weeks, the vaccine maker also says that it is behind in its promised production schedule. READ MORE
  • COVID-19 VACCINATIONS AT DISNEYLAND RESORT SUPER POD SITE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, 1/12/21, Individuals without appointments, even if they are within an eligible group, are urged not to come to the Disneyland Resort Super POD vaccination site without an appointment. READ MORE
  • OC Health Care Agency Press Release, 1/12/21, County Health Officer Opens COVID-19 Vaccine to Residents Ages 65 and Older. READ MORE
  • County of Orange Press Release, 1/11/21, County of Orange Announces First Regional COVID-19 Super POD at Disneyland Resort. In a vital step to help battle the spread of COVID-19, the County of Orange has established the first large Point-of-Dispensing (POD) site to provide covid-19 vaccines to residents at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. READ MORE
  • California Department of Public Health Press Release, 1/7/21, State Issues Recommendations to Local Health Departments and Provider to Accelerate Safe Vaccine Administration Statement. READ MORE
  • County of Orange Press Release, 1/7/21, County of Orange Activates Incident Management Team, Plans for Regional COVID-19 Vaccine Supersites. The County of Orange is proactively leading Orange County’s response to COVID-19. The next critical phase is providing the vaccine to residents in a phased, tiered approach. READ MORE
  • NPR, 1/1/21, Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Has Gotten Off To A Slow Start, The campaign to vaccinate Americans against COVID-19 is getting off to a slower start than officials had hoped - much slower. Here's a key number - in recent weeks, about 3 million people received their first shots of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. But that's far short of what officials had forecast - that 20 million Americans would be vaccinated by now. READ MORE
  • Becker’s Hospital Review, 12/31/20, Pfizer vs. Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine: What’s the Same  What’s Different. Two COVID-19 vaccines, one from Moderna and one from Pfizer, have been given emergency approval from the FDA. The two vaccines are similar in the technology they use, and the timeline of their development, but also differ in several ways. READ MORE
  • OC Health Care Agency Press Release, 12/31/20, State Announces Partnership with CVS and Walgreens to Provide COVID-19 Vaccines to Residents, Staff in Long-Term Care Facilities. Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced that California has opted in to the federal COVID-19 Pharmacy Partnership. At no cost to the state or local government, CVS and Walgreens will administer the Pfizer vaccine to residents and staff in long-term care facilities. READ MORE
  • APNews, 12/29/20, Will COIVD-19 Vaccines Work on the New Coronavirus Variant? Experts believe so, but they’re working to confirm that. A coronavirus variant in the United Kingdom has caused alarm because of the possibility that it might spread more easily. But even if that turns out to be true, experts say the COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out will likely still work on the variant. READ MORE
  • Office of the Governor, 12/28/20, Governor Newsom Announces Partnership with CVS and Walgreens to Provide Pfizer Vaccines to Residents and Staff in Long-Term Care Facilities. READ MORE
  • PBS News Hour, 12/22/20, Can Employers make COVID-19 Vaccination Mandatory? Can employers make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory? Yes, with some exceptions. Experts say employers can require employees to take safety measures, including vaccination. That doesn’t necessarily mean you would get fired if you refuse, but you might need to sign a waiver or agree to work under specific conditions to limit any risk you might pose to yourself or others. READ MORE
  • Reuters, 12/21/20, BioNTech Confident COVID-19 Vaccine Effective Against New UK Mutation. BioNTech Chief Executive Ugur Sahin said on Monday he was confident a COVID-19 vaccine co-developed by his company would be effective against a variant of the coronavirus that has emerged in Britain. READ MORE
  • Washington Post, 12/21/20, Why Many Bosses Won’t Require Workers to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine. Some of America’s largest businesses say they will encourage—but not mandate—employees to get Covid-19 vaccines, using a mix of incentives and consequences to ensure as many workers as possible are inoculated. READ MORE
  • OC Breeze, 12/21/20 – CalOptima to Promote COVID-19 Vaccinations. CalOptima joins the broader health care community in welcoming the arrival of COVID-19 vaccinations in Orange County this week. Frontline hospital staff who serve CalOptima members and CalOptima members residing in long-term care facilities will be among the first recipients of the FDA-authorized vaccine. READ MORE
  • Forbes, 12/20/20, Surgeon General: Undocumented Residents Shouldn’t Fear Getting Coronavirus Vaccine. Seeking to quell fear among the undocumented population about any potential legal repercussions of getting the coronavirus vaccine, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said during a Sunday interview that he’s been “assured” that it’s safe for everyone—regardless of immigration status. READ MORE
  • Office of Governew Newsom, 12/20/20, Western States Scientific Safety Review Workgroup Recommends Moderna Vaccine,Confirms it is Safe and Efficacious. The Workgroup provided its confirmation to the Governors of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington this morning, making the Moderna vaccine the second COVID-19 vaccine supported for use in these states. Shipments are expected early this week. READ MORE
  • Washington Post, 12/20/20, Shipments of Second Coronavirus Vaccine Rolls Out as Officials Warn About Christmas Surge in Cases. The latest leg of a massive vaccinationeffort took place in a distribution center in Olive Branch, Miss. There, vials with the nation’s second coronavirus vaccine were loaded into boxes, ready to head out across the country to help states gripped by the surging pandemic READ MORE
  • Endpoints News, 12/18/20, It’s a Big Day For Moderna – and the world – as the FDA stamps an EUA on their vaccine. And there are some important lessons to remember. READ MORE

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  • Herd Immunity is Only Possible with a Vaccine by Bernadette Boden-Ablala, MPH, DrPH; Dan M. Cooper MD; Clayton Chau, MD, PhD; Casey Dorman, PhD
    • There has been much debate around the concept of herd immunity since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a public health term, the idea of herd immunity is that if enough people are protected against an infection because they have been exposed and developed antibodies, transmission of the infection slows and ultimately new outbreaks are halted because much of the population is no longer susceptible. Some people suggest that COVID-19 can best be controlled by allowing the virus to run its course and achieve enough numbers of infected persons to reach herd immunity. We suggest that there is some confusion about the use of this term and that there are strong reasons for not pursuing that approach. READ MORE
  • Trust the Truth: Not the Myths by Casey Dorman, PhD (Updated 1/11/21)
    • With several COVID 19 vaccine approvals on the horizon, dispelling misinformation about vaccines that may appear on the internet will be important for you to make an informed decision about the COVID vaccine. READ MORE


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