Guidance: Congregate Living Facilities

Congregate Living Facilities

Congregate living sites such as board and care facilities, sober living facilities and other similar group homes are at high risk for COVID-19 outbreaks. All congregate living sites should have plans to respond to suspect or confirmed COVID cases and prevent and minimize spread of COVID-19 in the facility. Facilities’ planning should take into account any unique needs of their residents, such as disabilities, cognitive decline, or no access to technology.

Congregate living facilities should report any confirmed case of COVID-19 in residents or staff, or three or more cases of respiratory illness, to OCHCA at (714) 834-8180.

OCHCA Guidance for COVID-19 Preparation and Response for Congregate Living Facilities | PDF

CDC Guidance for Shared or Congregate Housing

Any client or staff who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms should immediately be placed in isolation and receive laboratory testing for COVID-19.

OCHCA can assist with:

  • Testing residents of congregate facilities with suspected infection if testing resources are not available.
  • Finding alternate housing for clients with COVID-19 who cannot be appropriately isolated or quarantined onsite during their illness.

Call the Orange County Health Agency with questions at 714-834-8180.