OC Health Care Agency COVID - Action Summary

April 6 – April 12


Medical Equipment and Supplies

Distributed Resources to the Community Quantity*
N95 masks 1,276,715
Surgical masks 148,113
Gowns 171,189
PPE - suit 4,544
Gloves 148,400
Eye Protection 29,080
Hand Sanitizer 79,712
Other 10,235
Total 1,867,988



Outstanding Resource Requests from the State Quantity*
N95 masks 1,406,630
Face Shields 154,424
Gloves 50,000
Gowns 466,990
Eye Protection/goggles 7,000





Procurement staff have proactively conducted donation outreach to more than 100,000 registered vendors in BidSync in addition to vetting donation requests on a daily basis.

Donated Items Quantity
N95 masks 210
Surgical masks 7,478
Gloves 50,000
Suits 1,000
Goggles 81
Face Shield 23
Rain Ponchos 100



Hospital Support, Communication, Readiness, and Response

Bed Preparedness for Surge

Table 1 includes the current bed capacity by bed type. As of 9:30 a.m. on April 13, OC hospitals are at 49% capacity (this does not include additional surge capacity in Table 2).

Table 1

Current Orange County Acute Care Hospital Bed Capacity
ICU 673
Medical/Surgical 3,430
Surge (Expanded Capacity) 1,024
All others 776
Total Hospital Beds 5,903


Table 2

Additional Surge Locations
Surge Tents (due to arrive 4/15 and 4/29) 50
Region I - USNS Mercy TBD
Fairview* 520
Fairgrounds TBD

*This number reflects information released by the Governor's office on April 6, 2020; the final number is still to be determined based on ongoing conversations with the State.



Homeless Response

Vulnerable Population Experiencing Homelessness

The below data is reflective of responses from 15 shelter providers. The Office of Care Coordination continues to encourage the entire shelter community (34 programs) to provide data.

Data Point Number
Calls received at Access Referral Line 89
Calls that resulted in Referrals 25
Placements into Isolation Shelter for Individuals who are Sick/Symptomatic for COVID-19 10
Individuals Tested for COVID-19 8
Individuals Confirmed Positive for COVID-19 2
Individuals who Tested Negative for COVID-19 4
Individuals with Pending COVID-19 Test Results 2
Average Length of Stay in Isolation Shelter 5 days
Number of Exits by Program component 2
Reason for Exit 2 individuals no longer needed services
Exit Destination 1 individual exited to emergency shelter 1 individual is staying with family or friends


Public Safety Net

Call Volumes

Hotline/Phone Number Call Volume
Adult Protective Services 272
CalFresh* 5,567
CalWORKs* 4,737
Child Abuse Registry 582
Community Counseling Support Services (HCA) 59
Economic Business and Recovery Call Center (OCCR) 301
General Relief* 1,039
Health Referral Line (HCA) 18,873
Medi-Cal (SSA)* 6,434
NAMI WarmLine (HCA) 1,368
OCLinks (HCA) 171
Office on Aging Call Line (OCCR) 1,129
Orange County Public Information Line (EOC) 938 (Mon 4/6 to Fri. 4/10)

*The SSA Call Center for public assistance benefits was down and unable to receive calls for the majority of Tuesday, April 7



In-Home Supportive Services

SSA has been individually calling all IHSS clients to check in on their wellness and if there are any unmet needs. During the week of April 6 - April 12, 4,435 clients were contacted, bringing the total number of clients contacted since March 16 to 34,613.

Public Assistance Applications

Total Applications Received (4/6-4/11)
Medi-Cal 4,021
CalFresh 6,325
CalWORKs 1,085
General Relief 734
Total 12,165

There was a 41.4% increase in the number of applications submitted for public assistance benefits from the prior week.


Emergent Need Benefits

Emergent Services (4/6 - 4/11)
Expedited Services 183
Immediate Need 11
Homeless Assistance 16
EBT Replacement 16
Total 226

There was a 31.8% increase in the issuance of emergent need benefits from the prior week.



Vulnerable Population Response

Home Delivered Meals

Measure Total
Meals Distributed 20,538
Individuals Served 6,741


Congregate Site Meals*


Measure Total
Meals Distributed 14,596
Individuals Served 2,386

*Meals provided in a drive thru setting at senior centers.


Jails Update

Measure Number of Individuals
Positive Cases* 9
Pending Cases* 5
Quarantined (No symptoms)* 150
Medically Isolated (symptomatic)* 19

*Current Number as of April 13, 2020.