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COVID-19 cases continue to be identified in Orange County. Any person with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should be tested as soon as symptoms develop. For the latest county surveillance data, visit

Current Status of COVID-19 Variants in Orange County (Updated June 21, 2021)

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CDPH - Trust and Safety Team

Multiple COVID-19 variants of concern have been identified in California and Orange County, the including alpha (UK), beta (South African), gamma (Brazilian) and delta (Indian) variants.   The alpha variant has been identified in Southern California, including Orange County, for several months and has recently been the most common variant seen. The delta (Indian) variant has been seen in Orange County, but its prevalence is currently low.

Surveillance for COVID-19 Variants in Orange County

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OCHCA is working with providers to assure prompt identification of suspect and confirmed variant cases. OCHCA requests that clinical laboratories in Orange County submit all COVID-19 positive PCR specimens with Ct value <30 for genomic sequencing to the OCHCA Laboratory. Health care providers are requested to promptly report and submit nasopharyngeal specimens to OCHCA for possible whole genome sequencing from any individuals with SARS-CoV-2 virus infection who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Develop infection at least two weeks or more after completing a vaccination series (i.e., two doses for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, one dose for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). OCHCA particularly requests reporting of any patients who are hospitalized with post-vaccination infection;
  • Have possible reinfection, with recurrence of symptoms and positive molecular testing at least 90 days after initial infection;
  • Have recent international travel or exposure to persons with recent international travel.

Additional recommendations for evaluation of suspect and confirmed variant cases can be found here.

COVID-19 Testing Recommendations 

There has been a steady decline in COVID-19 cases in Orange County in recent months.  With very low rates of infection, testing should focus on persons who have symptoms suggesting infection or a history of exposure to someone who was infected. 
Testing for SARS-CoV-2 is primarily recommended when:

1)    A patient has signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status or previous history of infection
2)    Unvaccinated person who is a close contacts to a confirmed case, generally 5-7 days after last exposure

Assessing Positive Results in Asymptomatic, Low-Risk Patients

In the setting of low community prevalence, a positive test result in an asymptomatic person with no known or suspected exposure to COVID-19 carries a significant possibility of being a false positive. OCHCA recommends that such low-risk persons who screen positive for SARS-CoV-2 through either antigen testing or nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) testing should have a second test with a NAAT to confirm the result. They must complete full isolation unless a confirmatory test is performed and found to be negative.

Summary of OCHCA Testing Guidance for Providers

Additional testing guidance resources:

Provider Reporting

Patients with positive results from either PCR or antigen testing are reportable to public health. Laboratories are to report both PCR and antigen positive results. Providers need to report within one business day all cases with positive antigen tests that will not be reported by laboratories.

Providers should report hospitalized patients, deaths, and any suspect or confirmed cases who are homeless or living in congregate living settings within one business day to (714) 834-8180. Clinical laboratories are routinely reporting COVID-19 positive test results to HCA.

Providers Wishing to Vaccinate Their Patients

Providers can sign up on myCAvax at to vaccinate their staff and patients. 

COVID-19 Treatment Guidance

For a review of COVID-19 treatment and vaccine guidance, including the importance of avoiding unnecessary therapies, please see the webinar recorded January 22, 2021: “COVID Treatment – First Do No Harm” - PDF | Video

Sign Up to Receive Provider Advisories

  • Health professionals who wish to receive OC Health Care Agency (HCA) provider advisories can register HERE.
  • HCA can assist with testing these highest risk groups if other laboratory testing options are not available. Please call (714) 834-8180 for more information.

California Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines for Health Care Facilities

With unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases, the California Department of Public Health has outlined resources and expectations for all health facilities.  These guidelines can be found  HERE.