iii. Hospital Questions

III. COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

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iii. Hospital Questions

For the Pfizer vaccine, allocations will occur in batches of one box, each box containing -450 doses, and will follow a specific algorithm to fairly redistribute to hospitals who have the ability to store and administer vaccine and who are in areas with higher rates of COVID-19.

For the Moderna vaccine, approximately 32,000 doses will arrive in boxes of 100 and distribution will mostly be direct to hospitals.

Hospitals must first be enrolled MyCAVAX. Once a hospital is enrolled, they will be approved depending on their ability to store and administer the vaccine appropriately. The initial shipment of Pfizer vaccine will be received then redistributed by HCA to the hospital. Hospitals will need to notify HCA staff when they would like their allocation delivered to them. For the first shipment, HCA will deliver to the hospital in the approved thermal shipment container with dry ice.

Subsequent shipments will either ship directly to hospitals or to an HCA facility.

At this time, shipment to hospitals will be free.

We are in contact with each of the Priority Phase1a vaccine providers regarding the coordination details of their allocation.