Smartphone & Online Support Apps

Smartphone apps focused on emotional well-being can provide valuable support for people looking for ways to manage stress and anxiety during these challenging times.

Take a look below at the roundup of support apps and click on a logo for a brief summary of an app's features. While the products included here represent a small fraction of what is available in the marketplace, they were identified because they offer free content that does not expire and have been independently reviewed on One Mind’s Psyber Guide (

Please be advised that many of these apps offer subscriptions for paid content. HCA is not responsible for any fees or expenses incurred by usage of these apps or any paid content. The apps are not intended to replace services provided by a mental health practitioner.

1 With the exception of COVID Coach, which was developed by the National Center for PTSD in response to COVID-19.


My Life Meditation

My Life Meditation:

(formerly Stop, Breathe & Think): Mindful meditations for teens, adults and children with parental guidance.


Insight Timer

Insight Timer:

Meditation and emotional wellbeing activities for teens, adults, and children with parental guidance.



COVID Coach:

Mood tracking, coping skills and mental health goals for adults and Veterans.

Stop, Breath, & Think Kids


Stop, Breath, & Think Kids:

Mindful games and activities for children 5-10 years old.


Breath, Think Do with Sesame

Breath, Think Do with Sesame:

Activities to overcome everyday challenges and stress for children 2-5 years old.