Vaccines Administered in OC

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Total COVID-19 Vaccines Administered in Orange County - Dashboard (CAIR2)

View data on Orange County vaccination reporting on the dashboard links below including demographics, doses by trade/platform and doses by administering providers.

COVID-19 Vaccines Administered to Seniors in OC - Maps (CAIR2)

View maps on Orange County vaccination to seniors by ZIP Code by Race/Ethnicity.


Under 65 Years Vaccination Maps

View maps on Orange County vaccination to residents less than 65 years of age by ZIP code by Race/Ethnicity.

COVID-19 Vaccination Status of Youths

View map on Orange County vaccinations to residents 5 to 11 and 12 to 17 years of age by ZIP Code.

The race/ethnicity field in the vaccination data is self-reported. Thus, depending on how a person self-identifies, the number of people vaccinated in a given group may exceed the known population estimate for a race/ethnic group residing in a ZIP code. Additionally, this may be a result of people outside Orange County reporting this county as their county of residence, and/or the population estimates in the ZIP are too low. Please note that the population numbers provided are just estimates and may not be accurate, especially given unprecedented shifts in population as a result of the pandemic.

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